Affiliate Program of Designreplica.com

Who can join our Affiliate Program?

Anybody, no matter you are individuals or companies or any units or organization, you can join this program by sending an application email to sales@designreplica.com 


How does Affiliate Program work?

You post the product banner or links which contains our affiliate code into your website, blog, forum or etc. Once people click the affiliate link and order something, you will get 1%-5% commission.


How do you make money from the Affiliate Program?

First you will need to send an application to sales@designreplica.com with the title of "Join Affiliate Program". Upon your application, we will create an affiliate account for you within 24 hours, and send you the information about your affiliate account.

Second, you will get the banner or links for post with the tracking code.

Once the people follow your links to come to our website, order and make payment, the commission will be credited into your affiliate account automatically. You can request for payment at any time and withdraw the money from the account.